Powerful software for your data, people and projects with the world's most intuitive asset management solution


Centralize data across company operations


BluePoint automatically consolidates all your project data on one platform


Integrate data from third-party data providers and other software systems, so you have more time to analyze performance and make real-time decisions with confidence. 

BluePoint provides you with pre-built connectors to the most popular software systems in renewable energy:

  • Get customized integrations with monitoring, accounting, project management, CRM/Sales, CMMS systems and work order systems

  • Get real-time insight into portfolio, project and plant status, performance, costs and profitability

  • Have events and milestones trigger tasks and notifications

  • Find project-specific documents and information within seconds

  • View wind and solar and specific KPIs, dashboards and reports



Manage your portfolio with a full suite of features

BluePoint offers all the tools and features professional asset managers require



  • Asset Register

  • Project Company Administration

  • Lease Management

  • Loan Management

  • PPA and Rate Schedule Management

  • Compliance Management

  • Warranty and Insurance Management

  • Event Management

  • Financial Management

  • KPI dashboards

  • Task Management

  • Corporate Knowledge Management


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Create insightful investor and bank reports


 BluePoint enables you to report on anything at any time


Is your monthly or quarterly reporting time consuming and painful?

BluePoint lets you create your own reporting templates. Make your reports your own in your corporate style. Change your mind at any time and create new templates on the fly.

  • Create different reports for management, investors or banks
  • Show a 360 degree view of technical, financial and management data in one report
  • Show a single plant or an aggregation of plants
  • Show a single time period or a combination of time periods
  • Pivot data in the way you are used to see them
  • Pick and choose between different KPIs
  • Upload calculations from your spreadsheets
  • Show technical, financial and management data in one report
  • Select your colors, fonts and graph types
  • Add pictures, logos or illustrations


Streamline your asset management processes


Work together efficiently

Work quickly and effectively with all internal and external stakeholders via a shared workspace on a web-based platform.


Control your workflows

Have your team follow best practice workflows for approvals, invoicing and other asset management activities


Automate your processes

Connect your monitoring system to BluePoint to automatically import metering data and to create invoices and reports


Strengthen your compliance

Track detailed compliance with controlled processes, automated tracking and a full audit trail.


Create a central repository

Never lose track of a contract or amendment with secured electronic storage and powerful search tools for access on demand.


Get complete visibility

Stay informed throughout the solar asset life cycle with automatic alerts, handy dashboards, and configurable reports.



Portfolio Management

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Project Company Management


You may want to aggregate portfolio data by plants, project companies, distribution companies, regions, service providers... We don't like pre-defined hierarchies. BluePoint gives you the option to group and aggregate your portfolio however you like.


Are you getting lost with all your SPVs? BluePoint allows you to track which contracts your SPVs are parties to, which plants are associated, and important compliance dates.

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Contract Management

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Compliance Management


Use the contract tool to summarize and reference important information. This comprehensive contract management tool is built for each of the major contract types: PPAs, O&M agreements, credit agreements, and lease agreements.


Whether contractual or regulatory, BluePoint will ensure that you don't miss another important compliance obligation. You can schedule one time or recurring reminders to you and your team.



Energy Invoicing


Financial Management


The invoicing tool includes all the flexibility and reliability that you need. Use your own templates to generate automated invoices for energy sales. This tool pulls price and performance information, allowing you to also do shadow billing both quickly and accurately. Learn more on our blog... 


This centralized financial tool will help you manage your Income Statement and Balance Sheet while also keeping track of all your financial transactions. Quickly find what you are looking for and stay in the loop with the accounting team.  

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Event and Incident Management


Work Order Management


BluePoint's Event management tool will help you prevent and correct errors faster and more efficiently than ever before. Report and manage tickets from one central place to ensure that the team stays accountable when it matters the most. Use this information to quickly generate reports to measure your teams progress. 


Save time and start automating your workflow with BluePoint's Task management tools. You'll be able to develop automated work order creation schedules and create dynamic work order plans that simplify and reduce errors. Schedule reminders and assign tasks to the right people at the right time. 



Asset Register

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User Management


Whether it is to register the history of your plant or to manage spare parts, BluePoint ensures that you have a central, professional, and organized place to track the entire lifecycle of your assets.  


Communication is key in large or small teams. BluePoint's user management tool allows you to assign roles to your users, so that everyone has access to the most relevant information. We also ensure accountability and transparency with a built-in audit trail. 


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Performance Monitoring

Connect BluePoint directly to your monitoring systems using powerful APIs. The platform allows you to create flexible and powerful reports and monitor your performance through Table Reports and Charts. We will help you prevent and quickly correct critical events by keeping you informed about your performance!



BluePoint integrates with the most popular monitoring systems on the market to help you pull all of your data together. These APIs will connect directly to your monitoring systems and help you automate your workflows. Use your data for powerful reporting, automated invoices, and performance monitoring. Take a look at BluePoint's integrations.

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Investor Reporting 


Create dynamic investor and bank reports using BluePoint PDF Reporting tool. Create and store templates to quickly generate reports using performance data, financial data, ticketing, and more -  organized in one central place. Transparency and reporting are a few of BluePoint's core features that will help you save time and make reporting a breeze. 


Stakeholder Management

BluePoint allows you to stay transparent and engage with stakeholders with ease. Use the CRM database to keep track of important information and associate stakeholders to the right assets through contracts, PPA agreements, compliance, tickets, and more. You can trust BluePoint to keep you organized and help you secure sensitive data.


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