Say goodbye to spreadsheets, file folders, Outlook tasks and manually copying and pasting information

Less hassle

Why have many different spreadsheets, databases, and files scattered over various places to manage your renewable assets? With BluePoint, your entire set of data and documents are in one place.

No more repetitive tasks

Because everything is integrated, each piece of data goes further. Actual kWh generation data that gives you variance analyses, calculates revenues, produces PPA invoices, and generates pretty investor reports at a click of a button. Integration means everything is more powerful.

More support

With 3megawatt, every customer gets fully supported. We will help you with our knowledge of renewable asset management with best practices in various geographic areas and across different renewable energy classes. Our software includes a great knowledge base - or you can simply call us!


BluePoint's Key Features


Contract Management

Neatly organize all your portfolio's key contract terms and commitments

  • Centralize all your project contracts and key contract terms in one place
  • See which contracts are active and which ones have expired
  • Search, filter and view contracts per plant, project company, fund or counterparty
  • Find all signed contracts and related amendments, notices and correspondence together in one place
  • Set up your own contract term templates and track configurable contract terms per contract type
  • View all compliance obligations related to each contract in a click
  • Track and audit pricing and settlement information

Compliance Management

Avoid penalties and defaults: Never miss an important compliance obligation

  • Simplify compliance management by centralizing your compliance processes and controls
  • Track contractual as well as regulatory compliance based on fixed dates or project milestones
  • Create recurring compliance tasks for the lifetime of your projects
  • Track contractual and regulatory compliance per plant, project company or fund
  • Filter and sort responsibilities, set internal deadlines
  • Store compliance templates and documentation to prove each individual compliance instance
  • Set alerts and notifications and escalation procedures
  • Create compliance reports for auditors and external parties


Save time: schedule and automatically create energy invoices

  • Manage your rate sheets for your PPAs, energy credits and energy contracts
  • Set-up and track fixed PPA rates, escalations and indexations and other rate changes
  • Manage and track net metering credits, feed-in tariffs, capacity credits, allocation factors, time of day and time of use rates, green certificates, Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs), Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and other environmental attributes
  • Audit changes to your rate schedules
  • Centralize billing and settlement information
  • Create automated invoices using customizable templates
  • Schedule invoice approval workflows and invoice delivery
  • Integration with your accounting system or ERP

Asset Registry

Track your fixed assets and components

  • Track asset and component information for different renewable assets (example turbines, inverters, transformers, blades, trackers etc.)
  • Create your own component types and set up customizable templates to track your component's attributes
  • Lever BluePoint's extensive inverter database with technical information
  • Track important dates and milestones for your projects, assets and components like commercial operation date, warranty expiries etc.
  • Store manuals, datasheets, warranty documentations and other important documents related to your assets and components
  • Allocate or group your assets in one or many customizable portfolios

Event Management

Open events and create tickets

  • Track commercial and technical events by portfolio, company or asset
  • Assign severity, responsibility and expected close dates
  • Filter and create shared or personal reports 
  • Create notes, upload evidence, correspondence or other documentation
  • Estimate financial impact 
  • Create and assign tickets to team members or third parties. Notify assignees by email.

Performance Management

Get a quick overview of the performance of your portfolio or of individual assets

  • Get insight in the performance of your entire portfolio through API integrations with leading monitoring providers
  • Track KPIs per plant or per customizable portfolio and compare against one or multiple budgets
  • Export reports to Excel or CSV
  • Create your own reporting templates and schedule customized reports for different stakeholders like banks, investors and management
  • Perform KPI calculations

Financial Management

Track your portfolio's revenues and expenses

  • Verify correctness of utility statements and flag inconsistencies
  • Estimate utility or export PPA revenues based on estimation meters
  • Allocate your PPA invoices to individual assets
  • Calculate recurring land lease payments
  • Track and approve expenses