Leading solar PV asset management software platform,BluePoint is now available in Canada following an agreement between its creators, 3megwatt, and Toronto based Ominfin Solutions to distribute the platform across all of North America.

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BluePoint is currently used to manage over 2GW of installed solar PV assets globally, and this latest deal will open up the growing Canadian solar PV market, to the platform, which has earned plaudits for its robust and reliable performance that allows solar system owners to keep track and control of their portfolios.

Concieved in Germany in 2012, BluePoint delivers a solar asset management methodology that is extremely simple to use and fully scalable, making it the preferred choice for fund and asset managers, and an attractive tool for system owners, looking to monitor and maximise their array's output, up to any size or scale.

“We are excited about our market entry to Canada, and we look forward to working closely with Ominfin solutions,“ said 3megawatt GmbH founder and CEO, Edmee Kelsey. 

Peter Novotny, Co-founder and President of Ominfin solutions, added that the BluePoint platform is a perfect example of how the wider solar industry is constantly seeking ways to innovate, evolve and expand, while delivering more monitoring control to the customer. “ Solar power portfolios are growing rapidly and their administration is inevitably becoming more complex,“ he said. “ We want to help asset managers be able to stay on top of their game and take greater control of their solar PV portfolios and the BluePoint platform is the perfect answer to them“.