What's new...

BluePoint's software for renewable energy asset management is always improving. Designed with renewable energy professionals in mind, we develop new features based on the feedback of our clients and with the help of our asset management experts. Here are some of our latest updates!



Customizable Dashboards 


Move, remove, resize, and add your dashboard widgets! This update will allow you to create several dashboards for you and your team to stay updated about the most important information about your assets.


Your dashboard will now help you easily see:

  • expiring contracts
  • warranties
  • weather updates from maps 
  • invoices to approve
  • ..and much more! 

    Powerful and Customizable PDF Reporting

    PDF Reports.gif

    Create templates to help you quickly generate reports for your desired time period. Use KPIs already stored in BluePoint to make reporting reliable and dynamic without all the extra work. 


    Here are some ideas for the reports you can create:  

    • Ticketing and Event Resolution
    • Monthly Plant Reports
    • Yearly Performance Reports 
    • Financial Reporting 

    New Wind KPIs for Performance Monitoring


    Whether you're importing data or getting it automatically through an API, BluePoint users now have more wind KPIs to choose from for performance monitoring! These wind KPIs will also help you create dynamic PDF Reports. 

    Here are some of the new KPIs:

    • Wind Speed (m/s)
    • Capacity Factor
    • Gross Generation
    • Net Generation
    • Theoretical Production kWh
    • Downtime (hours)
    • OEM Availability


    Still curious? 

    With a live demo you'll get an in-depth look at BluePoint's new features and how they can help automate your workflows and manage your assets more efficiently. Whether you've had a demo before or it is your first time seeing the software live... Request a demo below.