Record Leases

Easily add, edit, and update your leases with terms, land or roof data, and invoicing and other important information. BluePoint includes the most common contract provisions for roof leases, land leases, easements and right of way. Don't find the terms you are looking for? Add your own.

Upload contracts, agreements, amendments, plans and attachments to record all relevant documents for each lease. Track contact details and correspondence with your landlords.

Calculate lease payments

Set up and track the schedule for rent increases based on the terms of each lease. Schedule the automated import of production and sales data to generate landowner royalty payments. Use indexation or escalation to calculate the rent increases including turnover rent, base rent and other royalty based formulas. Divide royalty payments over multiple land owners.

There is no need to adjust rents manually, as your rent adjustments can be created systematically according to your lease terms.

Create lease payment invoices

You can easily create custom remittance letters, self billing invoices and statements. Invoices can be created automatically using your own templates in any language and format. Create as many templates as you want and change them yourself at any time.

Automate land management processes

Manage and track all your leases per site, per plant or on portfolio level. Filter, tag and sort your leases. Receive warnings for expiring leases. Track obligations and provisions under your lease agreements including land maintenance, insurance and payment obligations. Track your permits and related environmental obligations.

Set up notifications.

You can track the payment status with BluePoint, so you don't miss a quarterly or semi annual payments. Send notifications and reminders to your team. Create PDF reports to show compliance under your lease obligations.

Integrate with your accounting software

BluePoint supports integration with your ERP or accounting system if you wish to automate the process even further.


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