Automate invoice creation based on actual meter data and information from your contracts

  • Create an automated invoicing schedule to suit your internal processes
  • Create and customize your own invoice templates
  • Add SOX compliant workflows for invoice approval
  • Email invoices to clients and offer them a portal
  • Import invoice, journal and tax journal entries into your ERP or accounting software
  • Filter and sort invoices and journal entries by portfolio, plant, SPV, time frame, approval and payment status. 

BluePoint has in-built support for for time of use (ToU), Net metering credits (NMC), virtual net metering, export PPAs, import PPAs, self consumption PPAs, injection PPAs, synthetic PPAs, pool pricing, ROCs, GDuoS, consumptie PPAs, groene stroom certificaten, RECs, frequency regulation, time shaving and much more.

Do you have complicated rate schedules with fixed and variable rates? Do you use different meters depending on the contract? Do you have unusual escalations or indexations? Create your own rate schedules using BluePoint.