BluePoint's software for investors is built to reduce risk and optimize your renewable energy portfolios 


Asset Register 

Keep an accurate and reliable history of your assets while ensuring accountability with a built-in audit trail. Use customizable asset grouping to organize your portfolios. BluePoint's professional software will ensure that your team never looses sight of your assets.  

Customizable Dashboards

Create customizable dashboards to show your most important KPIs to stay updated about your portfolios.  

Contract and Compliance Management 

Stay proactive by documenting and updating contract information in BluePoint. Get notified about expiring contracts to stay up-to-date. Whether regulatory or contractual never miss another compliance obligation.

Reduce Risk and Prevent Errors 

BluePoint centralizes your communication channels so that you are in touch with the right people when it matters the most. It helps you take efficient, preventative and corrective measures through automated work order creation and scheduling. 


Financial Management Made Simple

BluePoint's centralized financial management tool will help you track transactions and financial statements. Use this to quickly generate reports and stay informed about your portfolios. 

Powerful and Flexible Reporting

Quickly create customizable reports and report templates directly in BluePoint. Allowing you to report financials, performance, event resolution, and more from one central location. 

Automated Invoicing 

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) Invoicing has never been easier. BluePoint will connect rate schedules, contracts, and performance data to generate accurate invoices with less hassle. 






Grow your renewable energy business faster with BluePoint