BluePoint's IPP software helps you optimize the entire lifecycle of your assets


Asset Register 

Whether it is to register the history of your plant or to manage spare parts. Ensure that you have a central, professional, and organized place to track the entire lifecycle of your assets.  

PPA Invoicing 

Start automating your PPA invoicing process with a custom ledger, compatibility with your current system, and error prevention. BluePoint connects you to your performance data and rate schedules  to quickly generate accurate invoices. 

Monitoring System Integrations 

BluePoint connects you to popular monitoring systems via API. Allowing you to make your data more powerful and centralized. 

Preventative Maintenance  

Prevent and correct critical events with automated work order creation schedules and dynamically planned work order creation. You can even report your events with BluePoint's powerful reporting tool for transparency and insight. 





Powerful and Flexible Reporting

Customize and streamline your reports by using BluePoint's integrated reporting tool. Use APIs to retrieve performance data to automatically populate data and generate quick reports. Report financials, performance, event resolutions, and more. 

Financial Management

Manage and report your transactions and financial statements with BluePoint's insightful Financial Management tool. 

Contract Management 

Never loose sight of your contracts in BluePoint. Documenting and managing contracts in BluePoint is easy and will save time and prevent error. Never miss another important compliance obligation.