a one-stop software solution

for the renewable energy

asset management

and O&M industry


Say goodbye to spreadsheets, file folders, Outlook tasks and manually copying and pasting information

Streamline your development, construction, operation and asset management processes with BluePoint. 

BluePoint is a cloud-based platform designed to address the challenges of owners and operators of renewable energy portfolios.

With a suite of time saving tools to manage the entire lifecycle of your assets, automation capabilities and central data storage we make it easier for your business to run efficiently.

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Portfolio Management

You may want to aggregate portfolio data by plants, project companies, distribution companies, regions, service providers... We don't like pre-defined hierarchies. BluePoint gives you the option to group and aggregate your portfolio however you like.


SPV Management

Are you getting lost with all your SPVs? BluePoint allows you to track which contracts your SPVs are parties to, which plants are associated, and important compliance dates.

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Contract Management

Use the contract tool to summarize and reference important information. This comprehensive contract management tool is built for each of the major contract types; PPAs, O&M agreements, credit agreements, and lease agreements.


Compliance Management

Whether contractual or regulatory BluePoint will ensure that you don't miss another important compliance obligation. You can schedule one time or recurring reminders to you and your team.


Energy Invoicing

The invoicing tool includes all the flexibility and reliability that you need. Use your own templates to generate automated invoices for energy sales. This tool pulls price and performance information allowing you to also do shadow billing in less time with more accuracy. Learn more on our blog... 


Financial Management

This centralized financial tool will help you manage your Income Statement and Balance Sheet as well as, keep track of all your financial transactions. Quickly find what you are looking for and stay in the loop with with the accounting team.  

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