What is renewable energy asset management?

Renewable asset management tracks and manages a physical plant, such as a solar farm, hydro, biomass, biogas, storage, wind farm, and other renewable energy assets through all the stages of its life cycle. 

Successful renewable asset management ensures the seamless collection of all data, documents, milestones, and events for the lifecycle of this asset.

What is renewable asset management software?

Renewable energy asset management software is a modern business solution for asset owners and operators to manage their assets more efficiently. Software provides asset managers with a central and secure place to manage asset data. It provides a suite of tools that usually include contract, project, compliance, stakeholder, financial, and performance monitoring solutions so that managers can get a 360 degree view of their assets.  

Some benefits of renewable energy asset management software include industry tailored features and insight. Although features vary they should include automation of routine tasks, streamlined reporting, reduce risk, increase ROI, automated invoicing, complete document management, and more.

What businesses can benefit from asset management software?

A wide variety of business models within the renewable energy industry can benefit from asset management software including; IPPs, investors, utilities, O&M service providers, and developers.

Companies that face more complex business models or are looking to scale their business and grow their portfolios will greatly benefit from asset management software.