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Webinar: Facing the challenges of a booming solar portfolio

The solar industry continues to boom and investors and asset managers are seeing a significant growth of the solar portfolios they own and/or manage.

How does this change the way they do business? How do they organize their teams and their processes as they get ready for scaling?

Edmee Kelsey, CEO and Founder of 3megawatt will find out from Chris Frantz, VP Asset Management at Cypress Creek.

Cypress Creek is one of the fastest growing solar developers/owners/operators in the United States. Chris and Edmee will talk about the challenges associated with a growing solar portfolio, such as:


  • Dealing with various (sub)contractors and monitoring platforms
  • Building an Asset Management team that is ready for growth
  • Managing large volume of data and maintaining data integrity

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on January 24 at 9am PST - 12pm EST - 6pm CET