Stop updating from multiple accounts

BluePoint automatically synchronizes your data from all your external data portals. As data from your external data feeds changes, BluePoint will automatically refresh to reflect the new KPIs. Go to one central place to view the KPIs of your renewable energy assets and enjoy the simplicity of getting a quick overview at without ever having to log into separate portals again.

Our large library of API connections makes it easy to set up the service and be up and running quickly. View our complete list of integrations.


See all your data together

Pick any date range and filter by plant, project company or portfolio. Select the KPIs you like to see and use our dynamic pivot function to display the data in the format you are used to - in a table or in a graph.

This automatic data aggregation with different data types from different data sources allows you to get a quick up to date overview on what is happening in your projects - saving you time and effort.


How it works

With our data integration manager, synchronizing and integrating BluePoint with your your external data from the leading wind and monitoring providers is easy.

Your data will be mapped to the correct KPIs for your plants and project companies. The BluePoint API integration automatically ensures that data are up-to-date and consistent from all external data providers, saving you time from having to cross-check manually.


Other integrations

For asset managers who are not using any third party monitoring service providers, BluePoint’s easy to use import function allows you to centralize all your data with just one click.

Or ask us about a custom integration to your own internal databases. Whatever the source of your data - we got you covered.



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