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More about cookies and how they are used

Cookies are small files stored via your web browser onto the hard drive of your computer or mobile device. You can learn  more about cookies by reading this blog. They are used for several different reasons, such as:

  • Storing your preferences

  • Analytics for website engagement

Cookies on 3megawatt.com are secure and never used to identify you directly or to retrieve passwords. If you want to disable cookies in your browser or adjust your preferences you will be able to do this starting May 14th, 2018 using our cookie banner and this page. These settings can be adjusted at anytime for your convenience.

We plan to provide website visitors with easy-to-access information about cookies using a website banner to deliver this information. This cookie banner will be available in the primary language (English) of our website. Cookies will be deactivated by default and only become active if you choose to continue with cookies. When clicking on links or visiting other webpages be aware that this policy will no longer apply. Be aware that when you click on links that direct you outside of 3megawatt.com this policy no longer applies and you should read the websites cookie policy. 

Cookies used on this website

  • Analytics cookies - Registers a visitor's number of visits, the start and end time of the visit, clicks, and which site the visitor arrives from etc.

  • Social cookie - The social buttons at the bottom of the sites add cookies from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. These cookies are used by those sites.

  • Marketing Automation - The marketing automation platform that we use tracks information relative to campaigns that we send.

  • CRM - It tracks forms that are submitted on our website and stores information based on your form submission

Allow Cookies: