What is Community Solar and how is it managed?


What is community solar?

A community solar project provides a unique model to distribute renewable energy with the cooperation of community organizers, public offices, and energy providers to benefit from a new way to drive solar energy projects.

There are many types of community solar and they often differ by state and country. Generally, a community solar plant is funded by multiple individuals and/or companies where they each become an off-taker of a percentage of that plant’s solar energy.

This is great for those who are unable to supply their own solar installation or for a company or individual who’s property owner doesn’t allow them to have a solar installation or where property features are not conducive to solar installations. A report by NREL and DOE shows that 50% of homeowners and businesses are unable to host their own solar installations.

Is managing a community solar project difficult?

The short answer, is yes it can be because a single project means managing many stakeholders, bills and contracts.

When dealing with a community solar projects they can add a bit of complexity to the standard asset management process especially when there is a billing mechanism involved.

The additional stakeholders, clients, and workflows don’t have to make asset management harder. That is exactly what a renewable asset management software solution like BluePoint is designed to help you with.

It can automatically generate invoices based on your performance from multiple monitoring systems and send them to multiple clients. Processing these PPA invoices is a breeze with this integrated invoicing tool.

You and your team can also write internal tasks and associate them to the right projects, keep track of contracts associated to each rate schedule, manage your contacts, and send reports to the right people at the right time. Managing your community solar projects can be easy and rewarding.


Our online demo will give you a guided tour to show you how our BluePoint platform can help your company, including:

  • How to make project information easy to find for team members, investors and clients

  • How to gain control of your compliance obligations

  • How to save time by creating automated invoices and reports