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BluePoint Introduces Hydropower Plant Management Software

Hydropower is the most important and widely-used renewable source of energy. Hydropower represents about 17% of total electricity production. With BluePoint’s new hydro capabilities, investors are now able track performance for solar PV, wind, biomass, biogas, grid connected storage assets and hydro from one central dashboard.

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3megawatt wins 2016 Red Herring Top 100 Award

3megawatt, a software solution provider offering a cutting-edge asset management platform for the renewable energy industry, has been selected as a winner of the 2016 Red Herring Top 100 Europe award. The Red Herring Top 100 is a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the European business region. This award recognizes 3megawatt’s position as a leading software solution provider for the renewable energy industry.

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Webinar: O&M tips to boost solar performance in the long haul

As solar becomes more popular across all markets, there is a growing expectation that these systems will perform past their 25-year warranties. Therefore, operations and maintenance (O&M) has become less of a fad and more of a requirement on projects large and small—residential to utility-scale—to ensure maximized efficiency of installed systems. Join us in a special 1-hour presentation that gives tips for post-installation success: how to correctly install systems, identify issues and fix them before they become major problems.

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The Changing Asset Management Landscape

"Today, solar asset management is the new buzz word in the industry. What has changed?"

There are many reasons why solar asset management is becoming very topical: first of all the global installed base of operational solar has grown significantly: there are simply more solar plants to manage. Secondly the complexity of managing the assets is increasing, as solar projects are becoming smaller and bundled in portfolios. Thirdly investors and banks have gained more experience and are demanding a more professional approach of asset management. And last but not least changes in feed-in-tariffs, bankruptcy of project contract parties, and the progression towards more market oriented electricity sales mechanisms are increasing the overall 

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