Renewables move to the cloud with 3megawatt BluePoint


Exciting news at 3megawatt: After winning in March the prestigious Red Herring Award (top 100 most promising technology startups in Europe) just last month, another award confirms its excellence in innovating. This time 3megawatt wins the EuroCloud 2016 "Best Cloud Service for Vertical Markets" award.

What does 3megawatt have to do with the cloud? Everything. BluePoint, its cutting edge platform used by owners and operators of renewable energy plants is in fact completely cloud-based. - By definition, most renewable energy sources are decentralized, and so are often teams managing them. The decision to be in the cloud was a no brainer, as this provides us flexibility, scalability and no geographical barriers. Any renewable energy asset manager can use BluePoint from any device with internet connection – states Manuel Nasti, Vice President at 3megawatt. And he continues - As the whole renewable energy industry is rapidly evolving, offering a cloud based solution means more efficiency, flexibility and rapidity when releasing new features, keeping up with the latest regulations and best practice -.

3megawatt has also been very keen at evangelizing the concept of being open and connect to other systems, and is proud of many partnerships. - Being in the cloud means easily collaborate with other platforms, which provides tremendous values to clients allowing them to choose multiple and complementary features from other service providers of the same ecosystem, as long as they are in the cloud too- .

3megawatt is now ready to present BluePoint at the next EuroCloud competition, which will take place in Bucharest, Romania. The fight against climate change is still open and far to be won, but 3megawatt BluePoint has shown to be a very appreciated tool for an ever changing industry, which needs tools to increase its efficiency and competitiveness against fossil fuels, and the cloud helped making this possible.

3megawatt Press Release

EuroCloud Press Release

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