3megawatt 3-year anniversary


We are celebrating our 3 year birthday today! 3megawatt was founded 3 years ago with a vision to make solar asset management simpler and more efficient. 3megawatt has now made this vision a reality.

During the last 3 years, the solar industry has been going through a major transformation. In 2011 there were only 71 GW of operational solar assets. Today the number is approaching closer to 200 GW. Industry experts are predicting that the solar operational installed base will increase by at least 25% per year in the coming years. 

These operational solar assets need to be managed. 3megawatt has been a pioneer in developing professional tools that make this job faster and easier for solar portfolio managers. With support for 15 countries, 3megawatt surpassed 3GW of operational solar assets managed by its software. This makes it the largest solar asset management software subscription service in the world. 

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