How to optimize financial solar asset management


The sun is shining and your PV plant is producing lots of energy. The PV monitoring systems are doing a good job in measuring this energy in kilowatt hours. 

But how does the kilowatt hour make it to a billable dollar? And how does an asset manager track if the solar project's revenues match the budgets and forecasts?

3megawatt's CEO Edmee Kelsey will address these questions during Solarplaza's Solar Asset Management conference in San Francisco on April 1st 2015. 

This conference is one of the premier events for the Solar Asset Management industry. Edmee will speak about "Optimizing Financial Management" and will address the following topics:

  • The key challenges faced by Asset Managers across North America

  • Effective strategies for billing, incentive management and financial reporting

  • Managing contracts and project documentation

  • Maximizing accuracy of cash flow estimations

Guests of 3megawatt can receive a special discount on registration. Please enter SAMNA15-3MEGAWATTREL to receive a 10% discount.