Commercial rooftop in the UK holds a great deal of potential

commercial solar rooftop

During SolarMedia's "Doing Solar Business in the UK conference" in Munich, Edmee Kelsey of 3megawatt said the commercial rooftop segment in the UK holds a great deal of potential. UK rooftop solar also has the key advantage of being considered favourably by Greg Barker, the Conservative party politician who heads DECC.

Kelsey quoted Barker, who said that the UK has an estimated 250,000 hectares of south-facing rooftops. In addition, the UK government has said previously that it will make space available on roof space at government estate land for up to 1GW of new PV generation capacity. Kelsey said that rooftops also represent an opportunity for UK developers to come up with new business models for managing these assets. These could include combining PV systems with energy storage, or various new power purchase agreement (PPA) or rooftop leasing models comparable to those used successfully in the US by companies like SolarCity or Sunedison.

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