Edmee Kelsey to speak about "Financing and Managing Solar Commercial Rooftop"

Our CEO Edmee Kelsey will speak on the topic of Financing and Managing Solar Commercial Rooftop in the UK at Solar Media's Event "Doing Solar Business UK" on the 3rd of June in Munich.  Check out the programme here: Doing Solar Business in the UK, Munich

Doing Solar Business in the UK is an international programme, promoting and educating the international solar community on trade opportunities and policy updates within the UK solar market.

This year the programme will look at recent policy developments in UK Solar; the solar strategy - the first dedicated solar strategy published by a European government, demonstrating the increasing importance of PV in the energy mix in the UK.

The programme will also look at the UK as a hub for project finance, supply and completion as it is set to be the largest solar market in Europe in 2014, looking at near term opportunities in large-scale solar farms to the longer term strategy to unlock the commercial rooftop market in the UK.

Greg Barker, the Minister for Energy and Climate Change, has recently announced the desire to expand the UK’s domestic and commercial roof-top market, pledging to put solar on one million roofs by 2015, opening up further opportunities in under-developed UK market areas.

In addition, by 2017 the government’s new contracts for difference (CfD) scheme will take over from ROCs; what opportunities are available to investors?

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentives were recently launched in the UK and are set to revolutionise the solar thermal industry, opening up the market for the supply chain, distributors, technology engineers and installers at every aspect of RHI projects from heat pumps to maintenance and storage.

Join us for the conference on 3 June in Munich to listen, learn and to do solar business in the UK. You can register for the event here.