Asset Registry BluePoint.png

Manage your assets, components, devices, meters and spare parts

  • Manage your assets over their entire lifecycle, from purchase to decommissioning

  • Track all important warranty information such as warranty expiry dates and warranty claims and receive notifications when warranties expire

  • Log serial numbers, meter numbers, device locations an installation dates
  • Upload photos, installation manuals and datasheets
  • Track events related to a specific component or device
  • Filter by type, manufacturer, model and serial number to find the devices your looking for across your portfolio. Sort by portfolio, SPV, project, location etc.

Don't want to enter this component data by hand? No worries, BluePoint has a pre-populated list of the most common solar and wind components, manufacturers, models and their technical specifications in-built into the software.

You don't find the component type you are looking for? Add new component or device types and their technical specifications to suit your needs.