BluePoint's Software, built for asset management providers, will help you scale with less complexity 


Asset Register 

Whether it is to register the history of your plant or to manage spare parts. Ensure that you have a central, professional, and organized place to track the entire lifecycle of your assets.  

Automate your workflow

BluePoint centralizes your communication channels so that you are in touch with the right people when it matters the most. Assign and automate tasks in advance or create events when something doesn't go as planned. 

Flexible and Powerful Reporting

Customize and streamline your reports by using BluePoint's integrated reporting tool. Use APIs to retrieve performance data to automatically populate data and generate quick reports. Report financials, performance, event resolutions, and more. 

Reduce employee turnover risk  

BluePoint will help you significantly reduce the time and energy spent on getting new employees up to speed. With everything in once central place nothing will be lost or forgotten. 



Contract and Compliance Management

BluePoint will significantly help you reduce error by tracking contracts and manage compliance obligations. Keep a detailed record of your contracts and update them directly from BluePoint to ensure that everyone is up-to-date. Whether contractual or regulatory you will be able to schedule automated reminders so that you never miss another compliance obligation. 

Powerful Invoicing 

BluePoint will help you automatically generate your invoices using your rate schedules and performance data. You can even go paperless but either way you will significantly reduce error and increase efficiency. 

Financial Management Made Simple 

BluePoint's centralized financial management tool will help you track transactions and financial statements. Use this to quickly generate reports and stay informed about your assets.