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BluePoint is the industry-leading asset management software with 25GW managed in 35 countries





Keep a finger on the pulse of your wind and solar energy portfolio

BluePoint has become the industry standard for professional wind and solar asset managers who require a modern and user-friendly software solution to save time, improve efficiency, share knowledge and reduce portfolio risk.


Work smarter, faster and simpler

BluePoint is designed for asset managers who want to automate, modernize and grow their business. Whether you manage wind, biomass, utility scale solar, or commercial solar - our all-in-one software solution features are built specifically for you. Quickly streamline your processes and focus on your bottom line.

Collect data

BluePoint automatically integrates data from solar and wind monitoring solutions and ERP systems and other third-party data providers and other software solutions, so you have more time to analyze performance and make real-time decisions with confidence.


Our software helps you manage your loans, leases, O&M contractors, warranties, equipment, compliance obligations and financial budgets in one single platform. Automatically schedule invoices calculate wind royalties.  Collaborate with your team, regardless where they are located. 


BluePoint enables you to report in minutes on anything for anybody at any time.  Creating beautiful and insightful reports for banks, investors and management will take minutes, not days.


Trusted by wind and solar owners and operators everywhere



"As we scale our solar portfolio, growing by adding more people and spreadsheets is just not efficient..."

Investment Fund, London

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How can software contribute to a higher ROI for your assets?

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