The world's most trusted solution for renewable asset management 

Create company-wide consistent approach

Reduce costs by automation

Gain a 360-degree view across your portfolio through powerful dashboards and reports

Eliminate silo-ed initiatives and information

Beat business challenges in renewable fund management

As a fund manager entrusted with investment performance monitoring, you are under pressure to consolidate data from disparate sources to produce reports and analyses. Ensuring that data extracted from various subcontractors, systems and formats can be pulled together in a standardized, usable format is a big challenge.

Renewable Energy Fund Management

Central repository for all data sources

BluePoint serves as the central repository for all solar asset management activity, reports, analyses and asset data, whether sourced directly from your own team or your external asset managers. Simplify your reporting process with this single source in place.

Fiduciary responsibility

If you outsource the day-to-day operations to one or more asset managers, it is your fiduciary duty to monitor these service providers in regular intervals. BluePoint can assist you in reviewing their performance via automated notifications and reports.

Lifetime consistency

What’s more, you’ll have a stable and consistent application over time, even if you decide to switch asset managers or hire a back-up manager.

Potential to increase asset value

If you are looking to refinance or divest your solar assets or to set up a solar securitization program, BluePoint can serve as an online data-room for any interested acquirers, credit institutions, rating agencies and their legal and financial advisors. This data room can be opened to external parties at short notice and without additional effort. This ability to show consistent, clean, complete and organized records has the potential to increase asset value.

Reinvest free cash flow in new renewable energy assets

As an IPP (Independent Power Producer), your cost of operating the assets that you own have a significant impact on your financial ability to acquire new assets. Therefore efficiency is key. You are likely to hold the assets for the long term and therefore a good operating history of the assets is indispensable. 

Do you have renewable energy assets in multiple countries? Not a problem. BluePoint can manage your renewable energy assets in multiple regions and countries. That way your team can work together, even if there are multiple time zones between them.

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Keep up with your development team

As a developer/asset manager, you have been tasked with the long term asset management of the solar projects your company has developed. These projects could be in multiple states with multiple incentive structures. Today you are dealing with compliance under California ISO, tomorrow you are dealing with a Massachusetts Net Metering Credit Agreements. 

Every time a new project is added to your solar portfolio, you will benefit from the knowledge that 3megawatt has accumulated in those markets. The BluePoint software platform will show you how to anticipate important solar asset management activities.

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