3megawatt's award-winning BluePoint is the leading cloud-based software platform that organizes, tracks and schedules your renewable asset management activities.

Create fully automated energy invoices, manage compliance requirements and produce professional bank and investor reports





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"3megawatt helps us to manage our solar portfolio at the highest standards"

Mike Loeser, VP Asset Management Strata Solar

BluePoint is a fully integrated software suite

designed specifically for renewable portfolio owners and operators. 





Efficient Collaboration

Work quickly and effectively with all stakeholders via a shared workspace on a web-based platform.

BluePoint Solar Asset Processes

Controlled Workflows

Have your team follow best practice workflows for approvals, invoicing and other solar asset management activities

Solar Asset Management Process

Automated Processes

Connect your monitoring system to BluePoint to automatically import metering data and to create invoices and reports

Compliance Icon.png

Stronger Compliance

Track detailed compliance with controlled processes, automated tracking and a full audit trail.

Central Repository

Never lose track of a contract or amendment with secured electronic storage and powerful search tools for access on demand.

BluePoint Software

Complete Visibility

Stay informed throughout the solar asset life cycle with automatic alerts, handy dashboards, and configurable reports.

We're here to help. Contact us to speak with a Solar Asset Management Specialist who will answer any questions you might have.

One of our Solar Asset Management Specialists will show you how the BluePoint software can help you get more efficient at managing your solar portfolio.

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